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5 Reasons You Don't Have Time to Workout

1. It's not a priority. Let's cut the crap! We all make time for what we want PERIOD!

2. You don't have a schedule. You go to work/ school etc then after that, you're sort of all over the place. Make a schedule! Your workout time is your personal ME TIME and it shouldn't be negotiable!

3. You're wasting time watching TV. I like a good TV show like the next person, but I barely watch. I just don't have enough time. Being fit and running a successful business are priority! If I have some spare time then I'll catch up on my shows 

4. Your unknowingly strolling social media for endless hours. How many times have you gotten completely side tracked because you wanted to check your notifications "real quick" but ended up quickly clicking this link that link, her page his page, next thing you know it's been 30 minutes or more

5. You're trying to please everyone! Listen here. It's great to be a good person and help people out etc, however don't let it consume you. You have to take care of yourself first! That doesn't make you a selfish person either. God forbid if something happens to you, you can't help anyone anyway despite your intentions. Think of it like the flight attendant safety drill, cover your mouth with the mask first before you help others. So if everything you needed to get done is done, cool you have time, but if not, sorry I'm busy

In conclusion, fitness journeys require sacrifices and discipline. It is not for everyone and that's ok. However, stop making excuses you don't have time, it's just not for you. Besides you don't have to workout to lose weight .. the pounds will come off making healthy lifestyle changes.

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