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5 Reasons Your Stomach Isn't Shrinking

1. You're not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep can effect your hormones and cause you to over eat. Get at least 6-7 hours of zzzz's each night.

2. You're not consuming enough fiber. Soluble fiber helps you feel fuller, lowers cholesterol and helps you lose belly fat. Add more whole fruits and vegetables.. mostly vegetables and watch your stomach shrink!

3. You're eating too much processed food and refined sugars. General room of thumb, if it's in the center of the grocery store, LEAVE IT THERE! Learn to shop the perimeter for wholesome food choices.

4. You're doing the wrong exercises! Spot training isn't possible. Crunches all day long will not shrink your midsection. Combine strength training and high intensity cardio for maximum results in minimum time.

5. You're partying to much! Think because you've been really focused on your healthy food choices and your exercise regimen that you deserve a night out with the girls??? THINK AGAIN! Studies show that binge drinking (multiple drinks occasionally) is actually worst than having one drink every day. Yikes! The alcohol pauses your metabolism and forces your body to digest it first, leaving everything you ate plus the calories from the alcohol to be stored as fat; RIGHT IN THE BELLY. 

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