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5 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight on Keto

  1. Consuming too much fat! Yes keto is a high fat eating style however too much is still bad. The fat is high on keto to help pick up the slack and help sustain you from the lack of carbs being consumed. A common misconception is eating high fat helps you get into ketosis. That's incorrect. The lack of carbs floating around in your bloodstream helps you get into ketosis. Think of ketosis as the absence of carbs not the addition of fat. Simply add healthy fats to your low carb meals and I promise the weight will fall off. If this is something you need help with consider the Keto Challenge.
  2. Consuming too many calories! So many people think because they're not eating carbs they can eat as much as they want! That couldn't be further from the truth. Especially on keto! Fat is very very high in calories at 9 calories per gram! That's about twice as much as carbs and protein. So as you can see, those calories will add up quick if you're not portioning out your meals. Weight loss happens when your body has a deficit of calories. This is true of any eating style. You must consume less calories than your body needs to function on a daily basis. When you're in a deficit that's when you'll see the scale start to move. 3500 calories burned and/or deficit equals one pound lost! 
  3. Consuming too many hidden carbs! There are a lot of food items that have hidden carbs such as pre-shredded cheese. Or foods that you wouldn't even think had carbs like sugar free gum, some vitamins, and liquid eggs to name a few. These items boast a hefty 2 carbs or more. That doesn't seem like a lot, however it adds up quickly especially when you chew 3 pieces of gum a day and sprinkle shredded cheese on nearly every meal! 
  4. Consuming too many processed foods! Processed foods are just not good on any eating style. In moderation they are completely fine but they should never be staples. Processed foods have sugar and plenty sodium! Both of those together are begging for weight gain and bloat! Some examples of keto processed food would be hot dogs, tyson chicken, polish sausage, frozen dinners etc. Like I said before they are fine in moderation and some are better than others.
  5. Not drinking enough water! Water is just essential for life period! Water is especially needed if you want to shed some unwanted pounds. During the weight loss process, water is the first to leave the cell. Followed by the actual fat shrinking. However when the fat shrinks, our bodies are programmed to fill that cell back up with water to "hold it's place" until the fat returns. Remember we were designed to survive. Our fat stores are essential for survival. No matter how much fat we have our bodies' want to hold onto it for dear life just in case there is ever a shortage of food. Drinking the proper amount of water for your body size helps to overfill that cell with water causing it to burst and collapse. When your cells collapse, you shrink! So drink up buttercup! 

Hopefully this article was helpful for you! If you have any comments or suggestions for a topic to cover please drop below. Please note I can't respond directly to comments I can only add a comment myself. So you'll have to check back to see the answer to your question if you have one. 


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