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How to Start a Weightloss Journey w/MINIMUM EFFORT

1. Switch out half of your drinks that contain sugar and/or calories with a bottle/glass of water.  For example if you normally drink 2 cups of coffee and 2 sodas a day, make it 2 cups of coffee and 2 waters, or 1 coffee 1 soda and 2 waters a day. You'll be surprised how many sugars and calories you'll eliminate in just one week!

2. Add a fruit or vegetable serving to one additional meal per day. Drink water first then eat the fruit or vegetable serving followed by your meal choice. The fiber from fruit and/or vegetable plus the water will have you feeling pretty full, hindering you from being able to eat the entire dish.

3. Slow down while eating. So many of us eat like we're in a race! I'm guilty as well. I don't know where we picked this up from. If you actually take your time and enjoy a meal you may notice you'll gradually start eating less.

4. Limit takeout to once or twice a week! Not only will this shrink your waist, it'll increase your wallet! #winning

5. Only use salad dressings that are transparent!

6. Take a leisure walk on your lunch break or after dinner a few times a week.

7. Don't eat within 2 hours of bed time.

8. Never skip breakfast! Even if it's only a protein shake, have something!

9. If you normally eat large meals, split them. Half now half 2 hours later. Eat for satisfaction not to get full and/or stuffed.

10. If you normally skip meals, STOP! Your body will never rid itself of fat because it's in a confused state. It doesn't know when it's next meal will be, so it will go in conservation mode. It will hold on to everything just in case it's a drought. Our bodies are too smart for their own good lol. Eat small meals frequently to keep your metabolism working properly.

After a month or so you'll begin to gradually notice some changes. You shouldn't be as tired and/or sluggish anymore. This will hopefully motivate you to maximize your efforts.

If you need help maximizing your efforts, check out the weight loss challenge!

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