Fall Into Fitness Challenge


Hey girlie👋🏾If you’re here that means you need help reaching your fitness goals and you’re tired of the same ol yo-yo dieting! Well you come to the right place because not only do I got you covered, BUUUUT, I’ve been in your shoes before! Sugar cravings, feeling sluggish, tired of eating the same stuff, tired of cooking, not feeling the gym at all, do I really got to workout because I’m busy😩 Yup I know the feeling all too well! I’m here to help you fight those cravings, find the energy to knock out your workout, and motivate you to cook a quick healthy meal instead of dropping by Chiptole and Panera because they are healthier options than McDonalds🤦🏾‍♀️ Yeah they healthier but it sure adds up😐

Sis I’m about to help you shrink your waist and fatten your wallet with all them savings by switching to grocery shopping ok👏🏾 At this point you’re like ok that sounds good and all but I always lose motivation😞 Well if I’m blowing down your line... I think you’ll feel a little more accountable😏 So go ahead girl take the challenge... lose the weight for good and feel great about finally accomplishing your goals. Ok ok ok you got me. What I got to do? First decide if you want to workout at home or at the gym. Select your choice. Add to cart. Then wait on my emails🤗 I haven’t had one complaint from anyone completing my challenge besides having to buy new clothes 😩👏🏾💪🏾


What’s included in the challenge:

💕Weekly workouts with video demonstrations. Workouts will start really easy as your body will be adjusting to a new way of eating. The workouts will progress as we progress.

💕 Low Carb/Carb Cycling Meal guide along with weekly recipes to experiment with😁

💕 Group chat for questions, support, sharing ideas venting etc.

💕 Journal pages to track your eating and workouts 

💕 More information about Keto and how it works in the body 

The challenge runs for 6 weeks. Start dates are:

  1. Sept 23rd

Availability is extremely limited‼️ Reserve your spot now. Serious inquiries only!

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