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Hey girlie👋🏾If you’re here that means you need help reaching your fitness goals and you’re tired of the same ol yo-yo dieting! Well you come to the right place, because not only do I got you covered, BUUUUT, I’ve been in your shoes before! Sugar cravings, feeling sluggish, tired of eating the same stuff, tired of cooking, not feeling the gym at all, do I really got to workout because I’m busy😩 Yup I know the feeling all too well! I’m here to help you fight those cravings, find the energy to knock out your workout, and motivate you to cook a quick healthy meal instead of dropping by Chiptole and Panera because they are healthier options than McDonalds🤦🏾‍♀️ Yeah they healthier but it sure adds up😐

Sis I’m about to help you shrink your waist and fatten your wallet with all them savings by switching to grocery shopping ok👏🏾 At this point you’re like ok that sounds good and all but I always lose motivation😞 Well if I’m blowing down your line... I think you’ll feel a little more accountable😏 So go ahead girl take the challenge... lose the weight for good and feel great about finally accomplishing your goals. Ok ok ok you got me. What I got to do? First let’s talk about Intermittent Fasting then you’ll decide if you want to workout at home or at the gym. Select your choice. Add to cart. Then wait on my emails🤗 I haven’t had one complaint from anyone completing my challenge besides having to buy new clothes 😩👏🏾💪🏾

So intermittent fasting....

What's this new intermittent fasting thing everyone is raving about? Isn't fasting the same as starving? Isn't it bad to skip meals? Skipping meals will cause you metabolism to slow down right? How long do you actually fast for? What are some of the benefits of fasting? I know these are all questions you may have, so let me tackle them one by one.

What's this new intermittent fasting thing everyone is raving about?

~Intermittent fasting is switching between periods of eating and fasting. For example an eating period may be from 8AM-8PM and fasting period from 8PM-8AM. While fasting no food of any kind is permitted.

Isn't fasting the same as starving?

~No fasting isn't the same as starving because you will eat. Your eating will be on a schedule. Your body will still receive all the nutrients needed.

Isn't it bad to skip meals? Skipping meals will cause you metabolism to slow down right?

~Fasting has amazing health benefits including weight loss. If done the right way it will actually help you burn more fat. You have to be consistent. You have to be on a schedule and most importantly you'll need to eat enough of the right foods.

How long do you actually fast for?

~For this challenge we will be doing intermittent fasting. There are several types of fast you can try. Intermittent Fasting is typically at least 14 hours of fasting everyday. At 14 hours your body has burned through most if not all of your stored carbs for fuel, and is now starting to tap into you fat reserves. With this challenge we will start with 14 hours and work our way up.

What are some of the benefits of fasting?

  1. Increased weight loss
  2. Increase fat loss especially in the belly
  3. Increased cellular repair
  4. Increased Human Growth Hormone which helps you burn more fat and gain more muscle.... saaaayyyyy SNATCHED & STACKED!
  5. Clearer skin
  6. Improved health 
  7. Less inflammation

What’s happening in the body while you fast?

4-8 Hours

  • Blood sugar falls 
  • All food has left the stomach
  • Insulin is no longer produced 

12 Hours

  • Food consumed has been burned 
  • Digestive system goes to sleep 
  • Body begins healing process 
  • HGH begins to increase 
  • Glucagon is released to balance blood sugars 

14 Hours 

  • Body has converted to using stored fat for energy 
  • HGH starts to increase dramatically 

16 Hours 

  • Body literally becomes a fat burning machine 

Do I still have your attention? Great! If sounds good to you definitely get signed up for the challenge. The challenge starts November 18th. This challenge will teach you how to fast correctly for weight loss results. Included in the challenge:

  • Meal Guide with grocery list, what to eat, what to avoid, recipes.
  • Time schedule of when to eat for different shifts such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
  • More information on Fasting.
  • Weekly Workouts w/video demonstration.
  • Group chat for questions, support, accountability etc.

Spots are very limited. Serious Inquiries only. 


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