January Meltdown Challenge

For those who don't know me.

Hey ladies! My name is Adrienne. If you didn't watch the video above, lol, here is the short version. Back in 2012, I lost 60lbs fairly quickly. 2013 I lost another 10lbs and DollFace Fit was born! Click here to see some of my transformation photos.

I help women all over the world lose weight, regain their health and confidence with my innovative challenges. I've been in business 9 years and helped approximately 1500 NEW women per year achieve their goals! So yes, YES you can achieve your goals, you just need the right coach!

What makes me and this program different? For starters, I've been in your shoes and know the struggles of losing weight. Second, I realize not only does everyone lose differently but everyone needs a different type of support. After working with so many different women from different countries and cultural backgrounds, I've learned a lot! Third, I kick ass but I make it fun and I do the exercises right along with you. Lastly, even though I've lost 70lbs I still fluctuate in weight from 190-205 due to my travel addiction... and were not even going to mention the Covid gain.

The point is I'm not skinny and if I can do the workouts SO CAN YOU! I remember thinking all the time when I was bigger that I didn't want some naturally skinny trainer because they just don't understand my struggles.

Now that you know who I am...

Let's talk about the challenge. Typically I run 8 week challenges. These challenges typically include a meal guide, weekly workouts w/video demonstration, and a group chat for accountability. Challenges were ran like this for 6 years, every month like clockwork. Each challenge we would get amazing results from our participants. 

Then something changed in 2019. I started a skincare business and stopped offering challenges every month. That killed the momentum. Dolls all over the world were requesting I start the challenges back up, but I just didn't have the time. However, the request didn't stop, so I decided to start the challenges back.

This time instead of me facilitating the challenges, I hired doll coaches to facilitate the challenges in my absence. While my coaches were great, my dolls were used to me. They wanted me. With that said, the engagement in the group chats wasn't so high and the challenges didn't perform as well, so I stopped them all together.

Now, two years later in 2021, I am continuously getting request to start the challenges back. Dolls always state no other program, was as effective as my challenges. With that said. I'm back! And by back, I mean we're doing this again ladies, but with a few changes.

For starters since you ladies continued to support DollFace Fit, despite the inconsistency in challenges since 2019. I have plenty of free bonuses for you, PLUS, I am doing something I've never done before.  I am offering a money back guarantee on this challenge!!! Yes you read that correctly. If you follow & complete the program and still unsatisfied, your money will be refunded. 

This isn't about money for me. It's about helping women in need. Providing a resource that actually works. I charge for these challenges for two reasons only.

  1. It takes a lot of time out my day to organize the challenge, create the resources, provide personal feedback to the weigh ins, and be available to you all to answer your questions.
  2. People don't value FREE! Us humans tend to put in a lot more effort when our money is on the line.


In this challenge you will receive 

  1. Weekly Workouts w/video demonstration $97
  2. Accountability via Facebook Group w/weekly live session 1-2X a week. $97
  3. Accountability Partner $27
  4. Mindset Training Assignments Weekly $97
  5. Weekly Submitted Weigh Ins to Private Inbox w/ personalized feedback each week $197
  6. Daily support in real time for questions, venting, questions, concerns, recipe ideas via FB Group. $97
  7. Keto Meal Guide $27
  8. Traditional Meal Guide $27
  9. 7 Day Keto Meal Plan $47
  10. 7 Day Traditional Meal Plan $47
  11. Intermittent Fasting Quick Start Guide $27
  12. Beginners Guide to Clean Eating $27
  13. Keto Cookbook Slide Deck $27
  14. Holiday Prep 5 Day Meal Plan (instant access if you sign up today) $47 
  15. Post Holiday 3 Day Detox Plan (instant access if you sign up today) $27

    $915 Value only $97 TODAY! ONE TIME FEE 

    How does this benefit you? If you 

    • Are someone struggling with weight loss i.e don't know where to start, what to do, what to eat, etc.
    • Are insecure about going to the gym
    • Hit a plateau in your fitness journey
    • Looking to switch things up a bit
    • Want maximum results in minimum time

    Read the reviews below and check out some of the transformation pictures above. Our challenges will provide the plan, motivation, & accountability you need to get and stay focused on your goals. Not only will you be working with the DollFace Fit team (btw everyone on the team has been in your shoes, so we completely understand the struggle & your concerns) you will be grouped with like minded women who are uplifting and encouraging who are right there with you fighting for their goals. Does this sound like the plan for you? If so, reserve your spot now as availability is very LIMITED for each session. This challenge starts January 3rd - January 29th. Everything is digital and sent via download and email. 

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