7 Day Jump Start


Looking for a jumpstart to a healthier Lifestyle? Signed up for a challenge but still have a week before it starts? Try this 7 day plan. It is sure have you sweating and shedding pounds right away! This isn't connected to the challenges we offer but feel to give it a try. Be sure to consult a physician before starting any of the workout routines listed below!!!


No Bread

No Dairy

No Sugar (includes alcohol, sodas, gum....doesn't include fruit)

No Added salt

No Red Meat

Can Have

Water (64- 128oz)

Green Tea


Egg Whites


Brown Rice

Berries & Green Apples

Fish, Chicken, Turkey

Veggies (no corn or potatoes those are starches)

Any salt free seasonings


****Make 4-6 small meals/snacks using list above. If it's not listed above, don't have it! It is only 7 days you can do it! Drink plenty of water. You will frequent the restroom a lot!


Workout Plan


Mon, Wed, Sat

2 miles walking, running, or combination of both

Repeat the following exercises 4X- do them in order 1-5 then start over for a total of 4X

1.) 30 Jumping Jacks

2.) 25 Squats

3.) 12 Forward Lunges each Leg

4.) 25 Crunches

5.) 15 Standing Oblique Crunches each side



Tues, Thurs

30 Min cardio your choice

Repeat the following exercises 3X- do them in order 1-5 then start over for a total of 3X

1.) 10 Burpees

2.) 10 Pushups

3.) 10 Supermans

4.)  8 Tricep Dips

5.)  30 Second Plank


Fri, Sun

Rest Days


 Google any exercises you're not familiar with. Be sure to weigh yourself and take a waist measurement before starting. Please let us know @dollfacefit  on IG & Twitter when you start and how it works for you. Enjoy!