About Me

Hey ladies! Welcome to my site. My name is Adrienne. If you didn't watch the video above, lol, here is the short version. Back in 2012, I lost 60lbs fairly quickly. 2013 I lost another 10 and DollFace Fit was born! Click here to see some of my transformation photos. I help women all over the world lose weight, regain their health and confidence with my innovative challenges. I've been in business 6 years and helped approximately 1500 NEW women per year achieve their goals! So yes you can achieve your goals, you just need the right coach! What makes me different? For starters, I've been in your shoes and know the struggles of losing weight. Second I realize not only does everyone lose differently but everyone needs a different type of support. After working with so many different women from different countries and cultural backgrounds, I've learned a lot! Third I kick ass but I make it fun and I do the exercises right along with you. Lastly even though I've lost 70lbs I still fluctuate in weight from 190-205 due to my travel addiction... the point is I'm not skinny and if I can do the workouts SO CAN YOU! I remember thinking all the time when I was bigger that I didn't want some naturally skinny trainer because they just don't understand my struggles. Anyways my challenges are below along with a Custom Keto Meal plan if you're not interested in a challenge. For details click each link.