What is DollFace Fit?

~DollFace Fit is an online base fitness company.

Who can join challenges?

~Women all over the world can train with DollFace Fit via challenges.

Is a gym required?

~For the challenges a gym is NOT required. For distance training a gym may be required depending on clients desires.

What's included with the challenge

~ A meal guide, a few recipes, workouts, and a group chat that provides education and motivation.

What makes DollFace FIt different?

~Besides the exceptional motivation and accountability, we make getting fit FUN!

Can I start a challenge late?

~ No. Unfortunately you will have to wait until the next cycle, which begins the first Monday of each month.

For unforeseen reasons, I have to withdrawal from the challenge, will I get a partial refund?

~No. All sales are final!

I am a picky eater. Is the meal plan very strict?

~The meal plan is more like a guide. You learn to make your own healthy choices.

I hit a plateau, how can I get past it?

~Ask Adrienne, it's her specialty!

I have bad knees and/or other injuries, can I still participate?

~If you have clearance from your physician, you can modify some of the workouts.

When will I receive my emails?

~The Thursday evening prior to starting the challenge.

Will any workout videos be shipped?

~No. Everything is sent by email online.

I only have my phone, do I need a computer?

~A smartphone with internet connection is all you need.

Is the cookbook a download or an actual book?

~It is a pdf download. You will receive a link on the order confirmation screen and by email. You have a maximum of three downloads. The book can be printed or downloaded to any pc, tablet, or mobile device.

Sounds good! How do I join?

~Click on sign up select the challenge then follow the prompts.


For additional questions and/or concerns please email dollfacefit@gmail.com