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       Are you tired all the time? Don't like what you see when you look in the mirror? Do you dislike shopping because they never have your size in all the cute clothes? Want to live a healthier lifestyle, but don't know how? Maybe you've hit a plateau or don't have time to sit down and make your own fitness plan? Look no further! DollFace Fit has you covered! We offer programs for women who want to gain muscle definition and lose very minimum/ maintain current weight. We also offer programs for women who want to lose more than 20lbs and live a healthier lifestyle. We've helped nearly 1000 women on their individual fitness journeys. For less than $6 a week, you can sculpt your body, feel better, and live healthier. LET US HELP YOU!

       The Core Challenge is for smaller women in pretty decent cardiovascular shape. Take your fitness to the next level with these high intensity workouts proven to burn fat. The workouts are full body, but geared more towards the core. From day 1 you will be challenged NONSTOP for 8 weeks! See below to see what's all included. Do you accept the challenge? Click Here to Join

       The Weightloss Challenge is for women looking to lose weight and get in shape.  The exercises start off slow but pick up pace as the challenge progresses over the course of 8 weeks. The workouts are full body not targeting a specific area. Don't get confused, you will shed crazy inches off your waist with this challenge as well. From day 1 you will be eased into a regular workout regimen and challenged more each week. See below to see what's all included. Are you ready to change your life? Click Here to Join


    The Curvy Challenge is for women looking to gain or maintain their current weight and add some curves. This is the only challenge that requires a gym membership. Learn how to eat and pump some iron for your desired goals. Are you ready to sculpt your body? Click Here to Join

 These challenges are worldwide. Everything is sent via email including the workouts. NOTHING IS SHIPPED

All Challenges Include:

  • Meal guide- suitable for all eaters and budget friendly
  • 8 weeks of workouts- include demonstrations and can be done at home or gym
  • Accountability
  • 24/7 support in our members area
  • Supplement Advice


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