Thank you all for joining! In this 8 week challenge you will learn how to make healthier food choices and become more active, all while participating in a group chat with like-minded people. In these challenges we focus on change, not results. If you want to move forward in anything in life whether its fitness or something else you have to change. You can’t keep your current eating habits and/or activity levels the same and expect a different outcome. With that said, once you change your lifestyle, results have no choice but to follow. Fitness is a mental challenge not a physical challenge. You decide if you are truly ready to take this step with DollFace Fit!

In this challenge we use the app GroupMe to communicate. Please download and set up your account at your earliest convenience. You will receive group invites by email Sunday evening prior to challenge start date. If you joined with a friend/family member etcetera, and would like to be in the same chat, please email with your names and emails of all people wanting to be grouped together. Keep in mind to be grouped together you must be in the same challenge. Example, if you both joined the Weightloss challenge you can be grouped together, but if one joined Core and the other Weightloss, unfortunately you can’t be grouped together. Please make the subject line Group Chat.