1 on 1 Coaching w/Adrienne

Hello, my name is Adrienne. I am someone who struggled with weight my entire life. I started to get a handle on it my senior year in high school, but gained it all back plus more in college. I've been on my fitness journey since 2011. After birthing my second child, I was tipping the scale at approximately 270lbs(I stopped weighing myself). I don't recall being depressed, but looking back, I truly was. I never went out with friends, took pictures, or even got dressed. The turning point for me was when my significant other at the time called me out. He basically told me I completely let myself go. Coming from him, I WAS SHATTERED! I had been trying to lose weight prior, but those remarks really kicked it in gear. I haven't looked back since! I dropped the first 38lbs really fast, so fast, I lost my curvy physique. Recognizing my mistakes I slowed down a bit on the cardio and started weight training. My weight currently varies from 186-190lbs. I started DollFace FIt LLC in March 2013. Helping people has always been my passion. I never thought in a million years, me, of all people would be into fitness. Fitness has changed my life!  

With my 1 on 1 Coaching everything will be customized just for you. Almost like personal training except it's online & I will be providing you with a meal plan for your body type. Everything that's included:

  • Bi-weekly CUSTOMIZED meal planning with grocery list & some recipes. Each month afterwards we will tweak your plan to match your needs.
  • CUSTOMIZED workouts w/video demonstration that can be done at home and/or the gym.
  • Initial phone consultation to build your plan & bi weekly scheduled phone check ins.
  • Direct access to me via text for any emergency questions, concerns etc.
  • Maximum results in minimum time.

1 on 1 coaching is best for serious people only looking to take their health and/or fitness to the next level. Group fitness is great and works for the majority, however, sometimes things need to be customized for OPTIMUM RESULTS! Please note this is a GIMMICK FREE program, YOU MUST WORK, or the program will not work!

I will only accept 10 new clients per month! If interested RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW.

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