8 Week Weight Loss Challenge


Cardio combined with strength training to help you shed lbs in minimum time!

5lb dumbbells suggested not required!

Ideal for beginners

Upcoming Enrollments

  1. September 6th

In these challenges you will receive 

  • 1 week regular meal plan, 1 week detox meal plan and a meal guide w/supplement advice.
  • 8 weeks worth of workouts with video demonstration & they change weekly.
  • 24/7 Support for questions, concerns, recipe/meal prep ideas, venting etc in our members area that alerts right to your phone in real time.

How does this benefit you? If you 

  • Are someone struggling with weight loss i.e don't know where to start, what to do, what to eat, etc.
  • Are insecure about going to the gym
  • Hit a plateau in your fitness journey
  • Looking to switch things up a bit
  • Want maximum results in minimum time

Our challenges will provide the plan, motivation, & accountability you need to get and stay focused on your goals. Not only will you be working with the DollFace Fit team (btw everyone on the team has been in your shoes, so we completely understand the struggle & your concerns) you will be grouped with like minded women who are uplifting and encouraging who are right there with you fighting for their goals. Does this sound like the plan for you? If so, reserve your spot now for your start date of choice using the drop-down menu. Availability is very LIMITED for each session. Each session last 8 weeks. Everything is digital and sent via download and email. 

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